One of marketers most well-kept secret is that printing allows you to take advantage of empty and undesired spaces. Trends that once were considered obsolete are being recycled and used in innovative ways.

Here are 5 reasons why marketers are going crazy over vinyl:

·       New technology allows marketers to take the material to the next level. CNC Routing for example, allows to cut shapes so that the surfaces look clean and stylish by avoiding unnecessary material.

·       They are more than wall decals! Removable vinyl can be used to brand almost any surface such as windows, mirrors, tables, chairs, etc.

·       It is reasonably priced, period.

·       Some types of vinyl are REMOVABLE! Because we all know there is only one thing a marketer loves more than branding…being able to remove the branding without side costs!

·       It saves space helping with minimalist decoration. It allows marketers to use spaces in ways that do not saturate the ambiance.

Get on the vinyl movement and WOW your customers with Hello Printing Ideas!

Happy Printing!

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