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When you think of décor, the same boring and monotonous concepts come to mind: a vase, framed art, perhaps a quirky looking accessory. The reality of making decorative pieces works of art seems remote, but who doesn’t want to have unconventional, yet eye-catching pieces?

Why settle for ordinary? We have a traditional idea on how we should decorate a commercial, residential or retail place. Creativity and imagination can transform and bring to life any environment. Enhancing your décor through customizable unique pieces does not have to be limited to what you can buy at a retail store. Express your… Read More

Practical, Beautiful and Distinctive! From ancient Egypt, the Renaissance to present day wood has been used to carve beautiful, elaborate works of art that have not only been skillfully made but provoke feeling and admiration. Wood carvings are delicately conceived to create beautiful, unique pieces that reflect any desired image. Introduce your home or business… Read More

CNC routing otherwise known as Computer numeric control offers its users immense possibilities for companies looking to optimize their printing needs. CNC routing machinery, a technology that removes excess or unwanted pieces from print materials. This process allows you to make patterns and cutouts with several different types of materials done through computer programming hence… Read More