Much has been said about the demise of the printing industry in the wake of the dramatic rise of digital technologies. According to this train of thought, digital technologies have diminished the need for printing products or services —from personal cards to advertising materials— and this situation will get worse over time. In consequence, in the long run, the printing industry is “bound” to disappear, or at least will cease to exist as we know it today.

However, this scenario is far from reality. Despite the current shift from printing to digital media and advertising, statistics from Sageworks show that the printing industry’s sales have been continuously growing the last five years, and continues to show growth and revenue. Therefore, printing companies must still keep up with the times. Moreover, this means in turn taking into account a series of key factors that can positively impact the whole industry.

Let’s take a look at what are the factors that can make printing companies successful:

– Know your service: be an expert and love what you are doing. In an industry in which almost everyone offers similar services, it is important to show customers your commitment when it comes to providing the best products and service possible.

– Gain competitive advantage: through technology, innovation, and specialization. Be on top of the newest development and techniques available and become a pioneer.

– Increase productivity: which does not only mean selling more but also means that you are driving manufacturing costs down by reducing turnaround time.

– Know your customer: great printing companies are as fast to respond to customer’s demands as they are to find out how their needs are changing.

– Make sure to be known for the quality of your work: your designers are the face of your company in the sense that the work that they put out determines more than anything your future relationship with clients.

– Think outside the box: whether it is a small or a large project, make sure to become a valuable asset through the use of creativity.

Long story short, make sure to develop excellent products and provide even more amazing service. Always remember that it is difficult to get customers, and even more so to retain them.

The printing industry has been rapidly evolving during the past couple of decades. Indeed, the advancement in technology and the competitiveness that has taken over almost every market in the world made it possible for printing services to become diverse.

Taking into consideration how successful the industry has become, new printing companies are arising and generating competition though only a few are successful.


Happy Printing!

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