Throughout our experience as a printing company, we have come across many different clients and projects. We understand that as a customer or a future customer, you have questions that might influence your decision making process and consequently, slow you down.

Whether you are looking for a printing company or returning to your printing company of choice, here are some of our most frequently asked questions that will help you optimize your relationship with your printing partner:

  1. Is it expensive to print directly on a rigid material?

A/ It depends on your printing company’s technology. Companies with newer technology can minimize the length of the printing process and, therefore, lower the costs.

  1. Which are the materials on which you can print directly?

A/ Most printing companies can print on vinyl, foamboards, coroplast, cardboard and acrylic. Also, there are companies such as Hello Printing Ideas which can print on less common materials such as crystal, wood, and certain types of porcelain. If you are thinking of an unusual material, you can always ask your printing company if it is possible to run some tests to check if printing on it is feasible.

  1. Can I send a digital photo to print it on acrylic?

A/ Any digital photo can be printed on acrylic. The better the quality of your photo the higher the quality of your printing.

  1. Are printings for exteriors long lasting?

A/ Exterior projects are subject to nature. We recommend you find a printing company that prints exterior signs with U.V protected ink and laminates to maximize the duration of our exterior printing projects.

  1. Can you print/cut silhouettes?

A/ If your printing company owns a CNC Router they can cut it for you accurately.

  1. How fast can I get my printings?

A/ This depends on your printing company’s equipment and your project’s size. Cutting edge technology as ours can get small and medium size jobs done within 1-2 days.

  1. Is location important for a printing company?

A/ Transportation and delivery fees vary depending on how far you are from you printing provider.

  1. Can I visit your workshop?

A/ Most printing companies would be glad to receive visits from their customers. Many times their physical portfolio consists of pieces that are too large to be transported all at once so a visit from the client or prospect allows us to show them a broader range of samples.

Happy Printing!

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