First impressions matter and your business is not exempt from this rule. It is important to thoughtfully plan out how you would like the world to see you. Your custom sign communicates to the world “who you are” and “what your business has to offer”. When thoughtfully designed your message will outperform your competition.

Far beyond your logos, slogans and brand colors a successful custom sign involves an understanding of visual insights and strategic thinking. You must consider where the sign will be positioned. How far will the sign be seen and if it can be understood at a glance.

First and Last Impression

When first establishing a brand’s look and feel a lot of time is spent on implementing the right typography, colors, and messaging. Over time, the amount of care that is placed on creating custom signage is placed on the back burner. When in actuality organizations should always revamp and improve their signage as time passes. When entering your business your signage is a customer’s first impression and when leaving your signage is their last impression.


Your custom exterior sign is your Hello Printing Ideas sales person that draws attention and captures your audience. Your interior, custom sign guides your customers and informs them about your products and or services.

  • Signs are the primary link between a business and its customers, S. Small Business Administration website.
  • Business receive up to 50% of sales from their signs and 85% are within 5 miles, Small Business Association, September 2007
  • 68% (7 out of 10) consumers that were surveyed state they made a purchase because a sign caught their eye, FedEx office survey finds effective signage critical to store sales, May 14, 2012

Custom Signs Matter

According to the FedEx survey, 76% or nearly 8 out of 10 people stated they entered a business they have never visited based on their sign. Unmistakably demonstrating a well-built custom sign is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Custom signs offer a cost effective way to promote your organization.

Your long-term success as an organization is determined by many factors. Why not invest on signage. This cost effect form of advertisement has proven to consistently get the word out and effectively promote businesses. Signage can come in various forms such as car wraps, billboards, exterior or interior signage all achieving the same goal.

Happy Printing!

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