Miami’s Art Basel is a gateway to the breakthrough artists of the world, and with over 200 different galleries exhibiting art from everywhere, in one of the most diverse cities of America, who would want to miss it? From exhibitions dedicated to film, photography, paintings, sculptures and many more- artists are calling out to an audience that knows that this is not just any art show- but expression at its finest. Connecting techniques left and right, producing fresh art, from fresh artists, for fresh eyes.

In commemoration of such an event hosted here in Miami, we’ve brought the Art Basel to you!

Inspired by contemporary art from Art Basel, we have evolved printing to a whole new level to give your fix of creativity and work a boost into exhibits that emphasize your work as effortlessly as possible.

For a glossy and smooth vibrant print, we offer Printing for your artwork on Acrylic- effortlessly bringing a burst of color into your work, giving an amazingly slick effect to your most electric pieces.

For more abstract pieces, taking it straight to canvas goes back to that raw and intricate feel. By offering Printing on Canvas, your most wild artwork can stay true to the original sketch, cleanly and beautifully, without losing the exposure needed.

Printing on Aluminum may sound pretty intense- probably because it is- giving a whole new spin to your artwork’s perspective. Need the perfect finish for a work based on Aerial views or Fisheye lens? We’ve got you. Adding that extra clarity for your most extreme designs, aluminum allows you to get that extra touch to your most out-of-this-world work.

What about that art you can feel? Carving, cutting, engraving- we have what you need to get your audience to feel every groove and etch. Using CNC Routing, we extend your work to the full picture of reality, letting your ideas come to surface and contrast with a number of materials to your liking. Need something specific? Let us know, innovative work is always welcome!

Sometimes the room is what makes the mood, and we are more than willing to work with you on that as well. Need a display with LED lights? Get that full gallery feel with a touch of personality to match your work in its climax.

Options galore, we work with you to find the perfect print.

Miami Art Basel 2015? We’ve got you from art to wonder, every print of the way.


Happy Printing!

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