Fabric printing is picking up steam among luxury brands as their preferred branding method…but why? Here are 5 reasons why this new trend among high-end brands is earning much attention:

  1. It’s easy to carry! Whether you use it for a stationary or mobile purposes, printed fabric allows you to print on wide formats and fold them to a small size! Not to mention that it is super light!
  2. The throwback fever is not over, while printing on fabric wasn’t possible years ago, the need for more organic looking things is stronger than ever.
  3. Fabric takes the trophy for most natural looking material. There is no doubt that other popular materials such as vinyls offer similar flexibility, however their finish ends up being too glossy and over saturated.
  4. Fabric printing is cost efficient!
  5. It’s trending right now! High end brands are using fabric for branding purposes, why not do it too?

Starting next month we will be offering the possibility to print some of our most high-end products on fabric! Call us today!

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