Printers have come a long way, from woodblock printing in China when paper wasn’t even invented to being able to print three dimensional and sometimes totally functional objects through 3D printers.

In the modern world, we have found great amount of uses to such technology. In fact, printing has become a fundamental part of the way we do business and how customers perceive us. Printing offers an infinite amount of technology and techniques that are mesmerizing and undoubtedly bring attention to businesses.

One of those technologies is the CNC Router, a computer controlled machine, which can cut onto an assortment of surfaces such as wood, foam, plastic, aluminum and other materials. It can virtually cut any shape or design programmed onto the computer.

The following are three types of printing techniques that can be accomplished through the use of CNC routing:

  • 2D printing: refers to the use of CNC routing on a flat surface in order to simply cut out the parts of the surfaces needed to create the design.
  • V-carving or 2.5D: creates more complex patterns by cutting out multiple depths onto the material used with a v- shaped cutter and eventually creating a chiseled look through indentations. V carvings are particularly stunning on lettering and signs.
  • 3D printing: is a bit more complex, it involves cutting into a surface in 3D angles. Among the three techniques, 3D is the most costly and time consuming. However, 3D printing offers infinite amount of opportunities from lettering to large-scale objects.

Certainly all three techniques add a special touch to any sign; compared to banners and other methods of advertising, they are the perfect way to personalize your business and give it a more intimate look. Business owners and other parties are now able to see their ideas come to life in ways that we have never imagined that were possible.

Happy Printing!

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