First impressions matter and your business is not exempt from this rule. It is important to thoughtfully plan out how you would like the world to see you. Your custom sign communicates to the world “who you are” and “what your business has to offer”. When thoughtfully designed your message will outperform your competition.

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Say it with a custom sign and make your community happy!

One of our clients expressed an obnoxious, ongoing problem that seemed to affect his entire community. We suggested a simple solution and what happened next was remarkable.

In South Florida, it is not uncommon to see gated communities within residential areas. They are meant to garner a sense of security for its residents due to the private nature of theses communities. Most have manned or unmanned security gates that are meant to open using a fab system, entry code by homeowners and a check in or calling system for guests.

A few days ago a Municipality in South Florida approached us with a particular situation that was affecting one of these gated communities. The issues? People were tailgating individuals to gain access to the private community. You can image the concern that most family’s had, especially when they specifically moved into these communities for the extra security that they offered. Additionally, most of the residents were upset by the damage that was caused to the gate. When these tailgaters went in they would often hit the gate arm and cause damage to the gate system. Which in turn would render the device out of service for several days.

Something had to be done…the solution? Custom signs that would be placed at all access points with the warning “Do Not Tailgate, wait for gate arm to complete cycle before proceeding.”

These aluminum custom signs were placed at different distances from 100 to 200 feet in a way that individuals approaching the gate as well as individuals already at the gate could not miss the message. The entire project was completed within 3 days including installation.

The result, while we installed the signs the community itself came to congratulate the installation crew (some with cupcakes). The feedback was incredible! This simple solution drastically changes the safety concerns of one community as well as to avoid continuous costly repairs to their gates.

The satisfaction of knowing we helped people live at peace within their own homes was a huge success for us as a company.

The right message paired up with the right custom sign really can make the world of a difference.


Happy Printing!

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Practical, Beautiful and Distinctive!

From ancient Egypt, the Renaissance to present day wood has been used to carve beautiful, elaborate works of art that have not only been skillfully made but provoke feeling and admiration. Wood carvings are delicately conceived to create beautiful, unique pieces that reflect any desired image. Introduce your home or business into a world that is as unique and exquisite as any other form of art.

Professional wood carved signs for your home

The intricate details and textures produced by wood allow for a personal touch. Wood carving is seen as laborious and expensive. CNC technology has made it possible to produce wood carvings not only at a faster rate but precise and affordable. For those occasions that just any gift won’t do, create intricate one of a kind wood carvings for your home or loved ones.

  • Create rustic and artisanal sign or decoration
  • Make your family’s last name a beautiful sign or wall decoration
  • Carve a 2D image in a 3D dimensional sign
  • Signs that welcome your guests to your home
  • Modern decoration accents
  • Weddings or anniversaries gifts
  • Decoration pieces or accents
  • Custom furniture

Professional wood carved signs for your business

So much time is spent on creating a brand that not only stands out, but is memorable as well. Sure, a conventional sign can represent your business just as well as any other form of advertisement. Why not make it extra special? Grab people’s attention with the beautiful work of art that is your sign. Our CNC routing machines are run by experts using wood and other composite materials that are best suited to your needs.

  • Wood carved accent walls using your logo
  • Wood carved signs with your open date and partners names
  • Carve a 2D image in a 3D dimensional sign.
  • Create rustic and artisanal sign
  • Custom Office Furniture
  • Employee plaques

Green or not so green

We understand wood may not be an option for some due to environmental concerns. For those that want to keep the artisanal feel of wood, but would prefer to use recycled or synthetic materials we offer wood composites such as Medium-density fiberboard’s (MDF) and high-density urethane (HDU). These composite materials look great, are lightweight, and are very affordable. Whatever your needs are, Hello Printing Ideas can offer a solution.

Don’t stop yourself there, keep creating and give your business that extra something.

Happy Printing!

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Trade shows offer an opportunity for both small and large corporations to grow. For most newcomers, this realm serves as a way to break into the market and really get their name out. For more established brands, tradeshows offer a great space for product launches as well as to reinforce their positioning in the market. With plenty of qualified prospects exhibitors need to stand out and outshine their competitors.

For most organizations, the goals are very clear, brand awareness, develop or enhance business relationships, generate leads and sales. None of which can happen unless you have a clear action plan that will allow you to not only stand out but get noticed above all other 100 plus booths that are trying to achieve the exact same thing.

When prospects walk into a tradeshow their first impression can be a bit overwhelming. More than often loyal customers will seek out your booth while newcomers walk aimlessly trying to uncover unchartered innovative products and or services.

How to stand out and get noticed through custom printing at a trade show 

Most organizations plan for a tradeshow several month in advance and are able to acquire great real estate sometimes even purchasing at the end of the show for the following year. No matter how strategic you may be with your location the best areas may not be available. Furthermore, even the best location are outshined by the overall presentation of some booths even if their visibility on the floor may not be that great.

This is where creativity and out of the box thinking come into play.

Tradeshows are visual chaos, your booth, and overall presentation must be able to grab the attention of not only the people that are walking by but also those prospects that are at multiple areas on the floor.


You want to create top of mind by taking advantage of the signage opportunities that are offered at most trade shows. Make sure to keep them graphically appealing, easy to read and brand oriented. All of your marketing pieces should be consistent with your brand. Most tradeshows offer:

Custom outdoor banners – these are great since they are the first thing that attendants will see as soon as they arrive at the location, i.e. in the parking lot or at the venue entrance.

Custom Indoor Banners – most trade shows offer hanging banners that are placed throughout the hallways, escalators, dining areas and corridors.

Pull Up banners – They are an additional way to position your brand across the tradeshow

Be Memorable

Out of the box thinking really is a must if you do not want to get drowned out. The key is to make an impression and leave a lasting memory. For most trade show visitors, it can easily become information overload. For most, what they saw was bundled up as part of an overall experience that will soon be forgotten.

Floor Decal – Take advantage of unused real estate. Most tradeshows now offer decals that can be placed not only on windows but also on the floor. Use them on the stairways or in long hallways where they can be visible in your line of site as you make your rounds.

Custom Signs – Most shows allow you to hang signs up above your booth area. Take advantage of this space by creating a unique sign that not only can be seen on the floor but will be sure to grab your prospects attention.

3D Signs – break out from the norm and create unique custom signs that are three dimensional. Locate a printing company that offers CNC Routing. This will give you the capacity to create unique material that are not only visually captivating but whose uniqueness is bound to generate buzz around your booth.

Promote the event as it’s your own Tradeshow

Your booth is your private place to entertain, capture and engage your audience. Most exhibitors opt for a standard pop up backing, a pull-up banner, and a table for POP. Don’t be the norm. In an oversaturated space where all exhibitors offer the same or similar products, you need to demand attention. The best was to achieve this is through your booth design.

Acrylic Sign – A clear acrylic custom sign that is backlit is sure to be an attention-grabber.

Custom props– light boxes, charger stations, exotic one of a kind furniture can all be used to create a more attractive space.

Stage – all booths do not need to follow the standard cookie cutter design. The beauty industry is the perfect example for elaborate one of a kind booths. A trade show is seen as an event that accentuates its brand with elaborate props, performers, catwalks and extraordinary stages.

A trade show is the perfect environment for organizations to establish a name for themselves not only within their industry but for the general public as well. They are also the perfect way for a brand to fully express their individuality and leave a lasting impression that will surely result in an increase in sales and brand awareness.

Happy Printing!

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