When you think of décor, the same boring and monotonous concepts come to mind: a vase, framed art, perhaps a quirky looking accessory. The reality of making decorative pieces works of art seems remote, but who doesn’t want to have unconventional, yet eye-catching pieces? You no longer have to look to your average centerpiece, or uninspiring painting to fill your working space or special niche at home. Printing on novel surfaces using the latest technology allows for modern pieces with glamour to be created. The ideas are endless, the options unlimited. Your mind would be the only limitation to the wonderful art that can be produced by printing companies such as Hello Printing Ideas. With unparalleled technology and mind-blowing concepts, conventional printing can transform a simple idea into a powerful reality.

You may be unfamiliar with this new concept and way of making art, but fear not, it is magic waiting to happen.

Here are 5 rousing décor ideas that will change your perspective on décor and displaying of art altogether.

  1. Ceramic Tile Art: With digital printing, you can turn your works of art, your picture of a beautiful deep blue ocean or an elegant and chic design into the central focus of your room. Bring the ocean to you as a wall border or simply use the ceramic tiles to liven up your space and bring a touch of stylishness to your hall, lobby or meeting room.
  2. City Lights or Nature Art: (Aluminum Printing): Layering can allow this décor to “pop” as you hang this sleek design. You can keep a contemporary touch and still have ground-breaking designs which allow the reflection of the city lights of a cosmopolitan metropolis to adorn your office in the suburbs. A touch of class and elegance that can bring the city life, right to your office or home.
  3. Room divider /Ornamental Wall (CNC Routing): A trendy ornamental wall with intricate patterns that could be layered with an LED panel and create a multi-layer room divider. Make the best out of small spaces by using this trendy piece. Think ambiance creator meets veneer panel.  The possibilities are endless with this multi-functional piece.
  4. Headboard Wallpaper Décor: Imagine a textured designed that doubles as decorative wall piece and a functional headboard. Old-fashioned, bulky headboards can be a thing of the past as elegant textured wallpaper takes center-stage. You can create a soothing haven with multi-layered background that resembles the greens in nature, or you can opt for a stale stone brick wall motive that brings vibes of a rustic, adventure seeking lifestyle.
  5. Pendant Acrylic Rings Ceiling Light Fixture: A suspended design of concentric rings that serve as a ceiling light and a decorative work of art. Your dining space, office lobby or studio, can be transformed into an inviting space where spatial detail opens the room while keeping it welcoming and well lit. You may opt to use the fixture as a light or as a decoration with a spotlight.

Happy Printing!

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